Here’s a collection of applications & developer tools for use with, these are mostly for Mac OSX.

If you any questions, comments or suggestions, contact me on twitter, or create an issue in the relevant repo in Github.

SoqlX v4.6 : August 20, 2023

SoqlX is a OSX app for developers on the platform, allowing you to run queries, edit data, and do other data related tasks. An invaluable tool for any developer.

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Trapdoor v1.13 : November 18, 2021

Securly manage all your credentials on your keychain, and quickly login as any account.

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ZKSforce v47.0 : September 22, 2019

An open source Cocoa library for accessing the API, the library that powers SoqlXplorer, SF3 and Maildrop. Supports both OSX & iOS.

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LexiLoader v30.0 : June 5, 2014

An OSX build of the Apex Data Loader application, quickly export, create or update data in your organization.

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Maildrop v2.93 : May 31, 2012

Easy integration for your email in Mail, Entourage and Outlook 2011 to

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An applescriptable application whose focus is making API calls to, allows you more easily build integrations between your OSX Desktop/Applications and

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