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SoqlX is an MacOS app for developers on the platform. Allowing you to run queries, edit data, and do other data related tasks including:

  • Build & Run SOQL (including SOQL-R) and SOSL queries against your Salesforce data.
  • Queries are syntax highlighted and have auto-completions.
  • Save query results to CSV. Save queries for re-execution later.
  • See detailed metadata about all your Salesforce SObjects & fields, and how they're related.
  • Generate a detailed report about a particular Salesforce SObject.
  • Run anonymous Apex code, and see the debug output.
  • Supports MacOS Dark Mode.
  • SoqlX is open source, see the project home page on Github.


From the Query tab you can execute SOQL & SOSL queries. Type the query into the top box and hit `Query`. The left column shows all your Salesforce SObjects and you can expand them out to see the fields. Double click on an object or field to build a query, or just type it in. If you execute a SOQL Relationships query the magnifying glass icon will appear in the results, double click this to expose a second table showing those particular results.

If you include the Id field in your query, then you'll get the delete checkbox option, as well as the ability to double click in a cell an edit the value.

The `recent` window will show your last 10 executed queries, click on any of them to copy the query back to the main query input.

From the File menu you can choose to save your query results as a CSV file and/or save the query itself.

Graphical schema explorer

Anonymous Apex


Way back when (2005ish?) DevAngel aka Dave Carroll wrote a .NET tool called Explorer which used the SOAP API to Salesforce to show information about tables & columns. It would let your write/execute SOQL queries against your Salesforce data. Around the same time I moved from Windows to OSX as my primary home desktop. Explorer was so useful, i set about writing an OSX version, called SoqlX. 16 years on, here we still are. (Dave's original Explorer seems to have been victim to too many rebrandings)


Starting with v3.4 SoqlXplorer requires Mojave or later (OSX v10.14). Download and give it a go.
With the release of MacOS Monterey, v4.6 is likely to be the last release that supports MacOS 10.14.
SoqlXplorer is open source, see the project home page on Github, patches welcome!


v4.6, August 20, 2023
v4.5, August 9, 2023
v4.4, June 17, 2022
v4.3, Nov 16, 2021
v4.2, Oct 22, 2021
v4.1, Sept 5, 2021
v4.0, Aug 18, 2021
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