Interoperability with other SOAP toolkits

4S4C has been tested using clients written with the following toolkits.

Apache SOAP v2.x

There are a number of examples included that use the Apache SOAP toolkit, also there is an AddressBook endpoint which should work with the addressbook sample included in Apache SOAP. All output elements are typed with a xsi:type attribute in order to work with Apache SOAP. The 4S4C UDT <-> Complex type mapping will work fine with the Apache Bean Serializer.

4S4C 1.2 and upwards will interop with Apache SOAP v2.0, it will not interop with earlier versions (including IBM SOAP 4J) because of incorrect namespace URI's for the xsd & xsi namespaces. However earlier versions of 4S4C, will inter-op with earlier versions of Apache SOAP, as they purposely emitted the wrong URI's as well.

DevelopMentor's SOAP/Perl 0.28

There are three Perl examples that use the SOAP/Perl library from DevelopMentor. The two work well together where the feature sets match, however SOAP/Perl doesn't currently support Arrays. One of the Perl examples will generate a multi-ref accessor request, which 4s4c can now properly decode.


There are a number of example for calling 4s4c using the SOAP::Lite Perl library. The SOAP::Lite package also includes a number of test cases that call 4s4c.

IdooXoap v1.0 Java

There is an example that uses the WSDL support in IdooXoap and 4s4c. run the make_stub.cmd batch script to have IdooXoap generate a java client stub to call 4s4c from its WSDL description.

Microsoft SOAP Toolkit v2.0

There is a VB based example that uses the WSDL support to call 4s4c. 4s4c contains a modification to remove CRLF between elements which causes the MS toolkit to fail (this is an acknowledged bug in the MS toolkit)

XMethods Interop Lab : Interop results

Although there is no sample code provided here, the testing using the interoplab has shown good interop with the following toolkits

Any other's you'd like to see here ?, if so drop me a note.

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