HTTP / ASP Listener

If you chose to install the HTTP listener, then it will of set-up a virtual directory in IIS that maps the directory 4s4c\http\asp to a virtual directory /ssss4c. This is where the examples expect to find the 4S4C soap endpoint.

Starting with 4S4C v1.2, the listeners are generic, and use config.xml to determine which objects to expose. However if you have written a pre 1.2 listener, then it'll continue to work using the old scheme.

soap.asp is the generic listener, it expects to find in the same directory the configuration file, config.xml. You can either have one listener configured for all the objects you want to expose, or make copies of soap.asp and have different URLs for different sets of objects.

The service description code expects to find a wsdl.xslt file & wsdl.css file in the same directory as the listener, this provide the formatting for the HTML service description page.

There is an example client that uses IE5/MSXML that can be used to test the installation, http://localhost/ssss4c/default.asp

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